GCSE Revision Sessions Over The Half Term


As half-term approaches, some of our key stage 4 and 5 students will be in the middle of their GCSE and A-Level examinations. The Academy has always endeavoured to maximise the opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the content of courses, to practise exam techniques and to spend additional time on coursework submissions through the coordinated personalised programme of enrichment sessions. These have taken place from 2.50- 3.50pm during this half term and the students’ responses to this extra provision has been exceptional in many cases.

The Academy would like to maintain the momentum generated through these sessions during half-term and are therefore offering additional provision for students in some remaining examination subjects where possible next week. Although we understand that some previously arranged commitments may prevent students from attending the timetabled sessions, attendance where possible is strongly recommended in order for students to fulfil their potential within the subject areas.

The intervention timetable for half term is below and we strongly advise that your child maximises the opportunity that their subject teachers continue to provide.

We hope that you will support this by ensuring your son’s/daughter’s attendance to the sessions above wherever possible and thank you for all of your ongoing support.