Le Tour Poetry Competition


As part of the upcoming Tour de Ripon event, students in Years 7 and 8 entered a poetry competition with the chance to win tickets to attend the presentation by Graeme Obree at Ripon Cathedral.

With over 130 entries, the level of writing and creativity was a pleasure to read. The independent judge decided that the winner was Edward Hoult, 2nd place Michael Sorby and 3rd place Lydia Murray.

The winning entry:

Oiling our bikes and testing gears
For the race of blood, sweat and tears
Preparing for a chance so rare
Wind rushing through our hair

Waiting for that starting gun
In rain and snow but we’d rather have sun
I clear my mind for the race so near
And close my eyes to dispel the fear

To cycle a new route never done before
Through Yorkshire’s scenic Dales and Moors
Past ancient cathedrals we ride so fast
Pushing muscles to the limit so we don’t come last

Miles and miles we’ve ridden so far
Countryside most people only see in a car
But now the finish line grows ever near
Friends and family there ready to cheer

Edward Hoult