Year 5 Space Day 2014


With more than a hundred students from surrounding primary schools with supporting staff and parents, the first Space Day at Outwood Academy Ripon went with a big bang!

Students had hands-on experience of using quality telescopes and star gazing in the Star Dome. ‘Dirty snowballs’ were made from dry ice and dirt to study the make-up of comets. Deep space at minus 270 0C is cold and we came close at minus 2000 , looking at some of the strange and difficult issues to be faced when working in space and designing equipment.
Guided by the transition group of Outwood Students, the day was complete when Mrs Sweeten presented the Purple Ticket prizes to students that had excelled in the day. The tickets give the holder a second Pledge to be claimed at the Graduation Ceremony at Ripon Cathedral on the 9th of July.