Student Voice in the Academy


This Spring Term Student Voice has been involved in many aspects of Academy life:

The Transition group have been involved in supporting the amazing Transition events for Year 5 and 6 students such as; Festival Francais, Transition mornings and sporting events.

These successful Transition events have given primary students the opportunity to talk to Outwood Academy students about Academy life and why it’s such a fantastic school to attend.

Student Voice have also been listening and acting upon the various suggestions, made through the Student Voice suggestion box by the whole Academy. The three most common suggestions this half term have been; regular checks of the soap dispensers in the girls toilets; jacket potatoes being available at break time for the 6th form students that travel to Harrogate High School and to try to reduce the carbon foot print of the Academy. Having received these suggestions Students Voice Chairs have: spoken to the premises staff to ensure they regularly check the soap dispensers; spoken to the canteen staff and they are now making jacket potatoes for sixth form to buy at break time and finally have created and displayed a poster to remind staff and students to turn off all electrical equipment when leaving the classrooms.

The Student Voice suggestion box is in reception. You make the suggestion and we act on your Student Voice!