“Growing literacy of the heart and mind cultivates the landscape of a child’s future.”

Clyde Heath

Welcome to the English Department

Our department is fully focused on our students having the life and exam skills that a well-rounded education in English can give them. We believe that creativity and apt expression are fostered through mastering the English language and that these skills are crucial to the students’ individuality and success.
Our programme of study ensures that students are fully aware of the needs of the exams and our rigorous assessment programme means that students can accurately follow their levels of attainment and target their progress. We foster a nurturing environment within our department and all our strategies are clearly fixed on the well-being and academic success of the students.


Mrs Tamsin Fauntkane – Head of English and Teacher of English

Miss Lynne Overton – Second in English and Teacher of English

Mrs Caroline Payette – Lead Media Teacher and Teacher of English

Miss Julie Elsey – Accelerated Reading Coordinator and Teacher of English

Miss Suzanne Robinson – Student Voice and Teacher of English

Mrs Hannah Abrahams – Teacher of English

Miss Logue – Teacher of English

Mrs Tammie Romatowski – 121 Tutor

Mrs Di Tunnard – 121 Tutor


Key Stage 3

The English course at Key Stage 3 provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to access the Eduqas course in Key Stage 4. Year 7 and 8 are Key Stage Three. We believe that we have developed a programme that is innovative, exciting and above all, challenging to meet the needs of our students. All students follow the same course in English which is delivered in a modular programme to ensure continuity, progression and opportunities for departmental monitoring and assessment.
Students complete assessment pieces during each scheme of learning and these are marked in accordance with the marking policy.

Our schemes of learning have been created with a literacy focus in order to improve and develop our students’ basic skills and prepare them for the GCSE course.

Year 7

Aut 1 – The Novel

Aut 2 – Poetry

Spr 1 – Narrative Writing

Spr 2 – Literary Study

Sum 1 – Reading Non-Fiction

Sum 2 – Transactional Writing

Year 8

Aut 1 – Pre-1900 novel

Aut 2 – Poetry post-1789

Spr 1 – Creative Prose Writing

Spr 2 – Literary Study Shakespeare

Sum 1 – Reading Non-Fiction (inc. pre-1900 texts)

Sum 2 – Transactional Writing

Key Stage 4
Eduqas English GCSE

We cover the following texts in this course: Jekyll and Hyde, Macbeth, Blood Brothers and the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The students are taught a wide range of reading and writing skills to meet the needs of the Eduqas English GCSE course.