Learning Environment

At Outwood Academy Ripon we pride ourselves on creating a safe and stimulating environment in which our students can learn and flourish both inside and outside the classroom.

Each classroom has its own interactive whiteboard which ensures engaging lessons are delivered across the Academy. There are seven ICT suites which are used across all areas of our curriculum. There is a design and technology block which caters for Art and Design, Graphics, Textiles, Cooking and Construction.

Our Healthy School status is supported with a brand new restaurant which serves hot and cold snacks and meals both at break and lunch times. A sample copy of our menu can be found via the link below.

We have excellent sports facilities with football and rugby pitches, multi-purpose sports hall, gymnasium, as well as a recently refurbished fitness suite.

Outwood Academy Ripon strives to provide the best experience for all of our students and we develop facilities with that in mind. Students have access to a school nurse through the Learning Managers and they feel safe, secure and looked after throughout their time with us.

Horizontal Mentoring Groups (Tutors Groups or HMGs)

Over the past half term the vast majority of our Y10 students have returned to us. Feedback from the students themselves is that they feel that every step has been taken to try and keep them as safe as possible.
In the new academic year the academy will be moving away from our current Vertical Mentoring Group (VMG) structure, to the Horizontal Tutoring structure as outlined below. What is Horizontal Tutoring?
This is where all tutor groups will be made up of students from the same year group.
This is a move from the current structure where each tutor group consists of a number of students from each year group.
What are the benefits?
We feel that students will benefit from sharing experiences with children of their own age. We will also be creating a system and opportunities for students to continue their social mixing with other year groups and building on the experiences that the Continent system and Vertical Tutoring provided.
There will be more ‘year’ focused tutorial time which is invaluable at key points during the year.
Messages, activities and sessions will be directed to meet the needs of one year group and not many year groups within one form.
We feel that this is a more effective use of time and will benefit all students.
There will be opportunities for clearer and more differentiated tutor programmes and assemblies.
For example, CV writing for Year 10 students, guided pathway conversations etc.
Tutors will be able to focus their efforts towards one year group; this will aid communication across the school and supports the tutor’s delivery of sessions.
Tutors and Learning Managers will be able to ensure greater consistency in the monitoring of attendance and punctuality and rewards and sanctions.
There will be increased opportunities to create a year group identity and competitions across tutor groups. How will my child be supported?
Your child will have a tutor who will follow them on their journey, tutors take pride in this role and should be the first contact for a child with a concern.
There will remain a Learning Manager for each Year Group. They will have an overview of the year group and will strategically lead their team. Pupil welfare, behaviour and achievement will be the centre of everything that they do.
The Learning Managers are non-teachers and will continue to provide the pastoral care required for our young people. How will assemblies now work?
Each year group will have a designated day for their assembly. This will take place on a weekly basis and they will have a specific focus, for example on achievement, progress, cultural capital, personal responsibility and citizenship.
There will also be opportunities to address current issues. Key Summary of Horizontal Tutoring:
Students will be in a tutor group with pupils of their own age group.
Learning Managers will continue as non-teaching members of staff.
Keeping you up to date with your child’s learning.
Here at Outwood Academy Ripon we use Google Suite for Education to support your child’s learning.
Your child has a unique email and password to login to their account. Here they have access to Drive (a filing cabinet for all their work), Slides (similar to powerpoint) and Docs (similar to word). They also have access to Google Classroom, here teachers upload classwork, homework and information about the topic they are studying.
You will then receive an email directly from Google asking you to accept the invite and asking you to choose either daily or weekly updates.
We have created a Google Site, where you can find out more information, along with weekly Google Classroom overviews for each year group.