Student Voice

What is Student Voice?

Student Voice is a pathway that encourages students to become more engaged in their learning, the organisational structure of the Academy and the Academy community. At Outwood Academy Ripon, Student Voice is seen as an effective way to help create an holistic education from the ‘bottom up’, though the co-construction of learning outside of the classroom.

Why is Student Voice important?

Students remain at the heart of everything we undertake at Outwood Academy Ripon and The Family of Schools, therefore Student Voice is placed at the centre of everything that we undertake. The main objectives are to:
• engage in constructive dialogue with teachers;
• give them the skills and qualities necessary to develop both during their time in the Academy and in future life;
• and develop their leadership skills by encouraging innovation

‘The Student Voice at Outwood is an integral part of the academy’s bid for Investors in Pupils Status. The five areas of improved outcome for schools to reach this standard (Attendance, Classroom management, Behaviour, Learning, Induction) are all included in the roles that we hope students will embrace this year. Through student voice roles, young people will have the opportunity to take a part in the ongoing improvements in the academy environment; the learning of all students; the wellbeing of staff and students; the management of behaviour, including praising success, and the decisions which affect the way we change and develop.’

How is Student Voice organised?
Everything that takes place at Outwood Academy Ripon is organised through the ‘Deeps’ structure hence Student Voice sits centrally in each of the four ‘Deeps’. Student voice consists of a number of satellite groups, each responsible for developing whole Academy initiatives. Each group is supervised by a member of staff, but is led by their student chair person. In addition, this year, there will be a student President and Vice President, who are responsible for leading communication between groups and change within the Academy as a result.

Student Voice – Deep Learning:
Student Voice has been responsible for gaining the Academy the ‘Eco schools Bronze Award’ and are now working towards the ‘Silver Award’. The creative arts group wanted greater artistic input within the Academy and have introduced inter-VMG alongside the on-going sports competitions. In addition, the fundraising group have wanted a greater commitment to our community, leading to promoting Harvest Festival boxes and Christmas boxes. In addition to this a number of groups, wanted to support schools in Africa and other countries and have now created a connection with a school in Ghana, which we are looking to support. The publicity group wanted to create a student magazine and have a greater input in the Outlook magazine and have been working hard to ensure that this happens. As an Academy, the hospitality group are getting increasingly more involved in the interview process for new staff and showing new students around the school. The student support group have asked for the introduction to ‘PALs’ an anti-bullying and support initiative that will enable students to support each other socially and emotionally.

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Huge congratulations to Tyler Reeton who, after a tough and very close campaign, has been elected as Student Voice President for 2014-15!